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I grew up on a farm in central Kansas with five brothers and two sisters. I was so young when I first began to sing, my mom had to help me up onto the piano bench. Most songs on my award-winning CD, “When Your Eyes Open”, are a compilation of poetry I wrote at the age of twelve.

On the farm, I would actually spend several hours sitting at the bottom of an empty grain silo and sing. “The acoustics in there were fantastic!”

I sang in a very successful rock band for many years and then went out on my own to become an Independent Music Artist in 2006.

I work really hard as a Sr Software Engineer during the day, (yes that means I'm a total geek), and I write songs, record, and perform my music during all of my spare time.

I can't wait to see what God has planned for me! I'm really lovin' the direction I'm going and can't wait to share with you the message behind my music.

Thank you for listening, your prayers, and just simply showing up.

 Keep Shining~  Matthew 5:16


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