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Everything Must Change

by Karla Bauer

Released 2016
Released 2016
A soulful Jazz tribute to the great Nina Simone encapsulating the striking vocal power and beauty of the Kansas City-based singer.
"Everything Must Change" tells a story opening with a direct message to the listener. The final track plays out as if someone yanked the curtains up in a dark room. It's truly staggering how taking this project as a whole, the "vintage-made-new" songs address the same desires of peace and hope today that Nina Simone sang of so many years ago.

The nostalgic mood of this CD is the perfect fit for Karla as an artist who reached back decades for her inspiration. Karla assembled the collection of songs once recorded by Nina Simone to radiate a message that to change the world we all must become the change. The old Gospel tunes are weaved into an utterly modern blend of expressive Jazz music while Karla sings in her unique, low-toned vocals.